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Woo! Restaurant which has passed the certification of using Taiwan organic food is a restaurant full of the host's cultural and creative creations like the hand-drawn art, the collections and the wooden works. The location of the restaurant is the host's old house which is Siheyuan, a traditional architecture, also known as courtyard house. The host, Mr. You born in Yilan, grewing up in Yilan, settling down in Yilan and getting married in Yilan loves his hometown so much; thus, he wants to promote his hometown's beauty to the public through his restaurant. Mr. You said that "what we offer is not only the delicate cuisine, but also the warm feelings of friendness of Yilan people." Besides, in the park of the restaurant, there's a You-chung grocery store selling the early childhood toys, cultural and creative goods and wooden works. And there's a collection worthy for you to see is a manual air raid siren which has been preserved well since the period of Japanese occupation. As dining, we will be glad to show you and we will always develop new menu for you; welcome to make reservation and enjoy your lunch and dinner at here! 



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The certification of using Taiwan organic food restaurant

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