Only one in Taiwan|The farmland about insectivorous plants with the rain-forest ecosystem environment
  • Yuanshan, Yilan County
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  • Minimum number of participants

☆Guided tour are at 09:00-11:00 and 15:00-17:00.

☆There are minimum number of participants for guided tour which are 4 persons above 0 year old at a time.

☆The minimum order for each person who is above 0 year old as entering into the park is TWD 150.


Brother Po's farm is located at Yuanshan township in Yilan established in1990. It is the only ecological farm in Taiwan with the theme of insectivorous plants and rainforests. The farm is planted with carnivorous plants such as Nepenthes, Drosera and Dionaea, as well as the rain-forest ecosystem environment.


Total activity time is 2 hours.

  •  Introduction film about the insectivorous plants.

  • Tour in the farm.

Taste the drink: coffee or tea jelly drink with Nepenthes (only served in Summer.)

  • Coffee

  • Tea jelly drink with Nepenthes (only served in Summer.)

Diy experience:  diy of the pen case painting or diy of planting the insectivorous plants in the planter.

  • Pen case painting diy

  • Diy of planting the insectivorous plants in the planter.

Know about the insectivorous plants

  • Nepenthes|Pinguicule|Sarraceniaceae

  • Drosera|Dionaea


  • Business hour

  • Participants and the Fee:no age limit, and for the fee, please check on "book instantly". 

Parking information

  • Free parking lot

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About dining

  • No outside food or drink allowed. 

Notice for booking the experience

Only accept booking in advance

  • To have a good quality experience, please make a reservation in advance so that we can help you arrange the guided tour beforehand.
  • Please check-in the number of participants you booked online, if there are extra guests at the counter, we will refuse to receive extra guests at the counter.
  • Please show the proof of purchase on your order record page and your and your children's passport or ID as check-in for identification at the check-in counter.

The minimum number of participants at a time

  • The minimum number of participants of the activity is 4 persons above 0 year old.
  • The activity will be cancelled by the system automatically if there are not enough participants. And the system will send you the notification of cancellation 1 day prior to the check-in day through email and you can have full refund.


  • The activity will still be held if it is rainy.


  • There are no places for pets to keep. To provide a good quality environment for learning and touring, we suggest that you could keep your pets at home or keep pets in the bag or in the cage and carry pets by your side to avoid disturbing other tourists and keep the environment clean. 


  • Tax is included.

Experience rules

  • Please check-in on time or you can arrive ten minutes in advance at the counter before the activity begins.
  • If participants or the main contact person do not check-in on time and lead to the insufficient time to tour, participants or the main contact person should take the responsibility.

Friendly notice

  • It's an outdoor activity, so we suggest that you can bring the sunscreen  and the anti-mosquito liquid.
  • As using the public facilities, please be with your children and be aware of your and children's safety.
  • The content and the procedure of the activity may be adjusted according to the current situation.
  • If you want to know more about us, please check on "All reviews".

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