Privacy policy

親愛的朋友,感謝您蒞臨「Pc TOUR」網站,為了幫助您瞭解「Pc TOUR」如何保護您在使用本網站各項服務的安全,請您詳細閱讀「Pc TOUR」的隱私保護及安全政策:

Website Safety Defense Measures

Any unauthorized attempts to upload or to modify the services and related information provided by the company are strictly prohibited and may violate the law. For the purpose of website security and to ensure that the service can continue to serve all Internet users, this website provides the following security protection measures:

Install a firewall to prevent that data is being destroyed or being stolen from illegal intrusion to protect the right of users.

Install anti-virus software to run a virus scan regularly to provide users with a more safe environment of browser. 

Run a regular vulnerability scans and provide appropriate security defense measures.

Perform a regular operation of back-up to back up all information to the backup host.

Automatically receive all security maintenance notifications sent by relevant operating system vendors or application vendors, and install appropriate modification programs as suggestedPATCH)。