No.9 hotel is located at Jiaosi township in Yilan which is reknowned for its natural hot springs. It is 1.6 km far from the Jiaosi city, so the location is good for travelers to go to the hot spot in the city. We expect to bring you a whole new living experience and build up a safe and an unique comfortable living environment for you to feel like staying at home. We offer tourists with varieties of services from hot spring accomodations, delicate hot pot restaurant, music coffee bar, compound shopping street, hot spring fish spa area, shrimp-fishing experience and so on to give you a rich journey. Also, it is a parent-child friendly hot spring hotel highly-recommended for family travelers. Besides, the hotel is a building combining with parking lots, so it's convenient for travelers who drive to here. From now, just set off your trip and we wish we can bring you an unique journey with us. Welcome to feel every corner, every desigh, every light that we create with our heart for you.




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