Rabbit Pencil School


Hi! Welcome to Rabbit Pencil School

With a legacy of more than 70 years, the Rabbit Stationary Industrial Co., Ltd. hold on to its initial goal.

--- An old mom sitting on a stool, with a dim candlelight, holding a kitchen knife carefully slicing and cutting the wooden pencil, that is how she sharpened a pencil.  As the boy grew to adulthood, he always remembered the shadow of her affectionate mom in his heart.  Initially, he had a goal, "what if I can create and produce a pencil, a pencil that is useful and convenient".--- In 1947, the boy who is now an adult together with his two brothers came to Taipei and started their own business, and chose Rabbit—as the logo, signifies lively and vibrant.  Using red background and white letters which means "passion" and "integrity" as entrepreneurial spirit in writing page by page the events of the history of Taiwan's stationary. Speaking of the classic product of Rabbit is the pen that made the "pop" sound which is very familiar in the old days. Blue cap and yellow shaft pen the F220, ball point pen. It is the number one ballpoint pen ever produced in Taiwan. Thus, everyone didn't have to bring their brush paint and ink, nor need to bring a knife to sharpen a pencil. When inspiration flashes, one takes up the pen and writes up leisurely! With the ball point pen as if one may write up a beautiful poem like that of a new moon of Autumn Moon Festival.

In 2008, the second generation of Rabbit Stationary Industrial Co.,Ltd and thought of its future, thus integrate tourism and established the Rabbit Pencil School, incorporate factory tour as new idea of business. Continue the steadfast spirit of this little red rabbit, enable this lively and vibrant rabbit to warmly greet and say hello to old friends, "Oh!" This is the pen I used when I was young. Little rabbits shares their knowledge on how a pen is produced as well, educating why it's called a pencil and what's the relation of a pen with lead? And even finding out the reason why the lead of one's pencil broke, is it because it dropped and broke? Well, it's for you to find out! Come and visit us.


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