All about Pc TOUR



Pc TOUR's preparation year.

  • On April 19th, Pc TOUR was established officially. Then, we start our journey in Yilan and do our effort to present the real beauty of Yilan in Taiwan through photos and videos for you from all over the world.
  • From June to September, Pc TOUR prepared for the SBIR recognition.
  • On July 11th, Pc TOUR starts the Pc TOUR official FB fan page to introduce Yilan to you which is the renowned family vacation resort in Taiwan.
  • On November 22nd, Pc TOUR received the official document that Pc TOUR company gains the SBIR recognition and subsidy from Yilan County Government in Taiwan.
  • On December 18th, Pc TOUR received the official document that Pc TOUR's trademark has been registered successfully from Intellectual Property Office Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan.

What is SBIR?

  • Small Business Innovation Research.


Pc TOUR waits for the dawn.

  • At the begining of 2020, the world is just going through the COVID-19 situation. And it lets Pc TOUR originally want to officially launch, but we now lower our steps and think on the other hand, we have more time to optimize our website and the contents; meanwhile, we are also developing our iOS and android APP marketplace now. 
  • In February, we success in applying for the first univerity in Yilan, National Ilan University's (NIU) Innovation Incubation Center.
  • On March 1, we officially are the partnership with National Ilan University's (NIU) Innovation Incubation Center.
  • In April, we start to develope our iOS and android APP marketplace.
  • In May, the number of Pc TOUR's cooperation partnerships in Yilan is over hundreds. 
  • On June 1, Pc TOUR received the award that we passed the preliminary contest of "SC CONTEST" held in Taiwan. Pc TOUR is the only startup company in Yilan, Taiwan nominated.

In the future, we will continue to work hard and complete more milestones.

Pc TOUR will definitely be the NO.1 choice for self-guided family travelers in Yilan, Taiwan.