Beiguan Tidal Park
  • Toucheng Township, Yilan County
  • Hot spot/Activities/Experience


Beiguan Tidal Park is an attraction having spectacular landscapes. Beiguan was a garrison during Manqing period due to the terrain of the place which was the best protection to prevent pirates and bandit from entering into Yilan during Jiaqing period. And there are two ancient cannons facing the sea, which was the centuries-old antiquities from the Jiaqing period of the Qing dynasty. In the park, there are many natural rocky lanscapes such as cuesta, chessboard and cape that have been eroded for million years making the east coast a special scenery. Within rocks and mountains, there are the stairs, trails and pavilion; you can see unique sceneries everywhere in the park. From the observatory, you can overlook the Gueishan Island and the Lanyang plain which is the place that refers to one of the eight famous attractions in Yilan. Especially, during the flood tide and sunrise, it is the best moment to visit Beiguan. The rocks stretch over the coast and the sea is raging, waves slap the stones and the sounds of the waves echoes continuously. In addition, when continuing to climb up, there's the highest observatory named "Yan-ding" that feasts on all of glorious scenery of Beiguan. All of adults and children are able to relax bodies and minds here, listen carefully to the sounds that the ocean brings to us and the beautiful sceneries that the nature give us.


  • Coral Head Landscape

  • Centuries-old Cannon
  • A Thread of Sky: the hottest checkin place on social network media

  • Yan-ding: the highest observatory you can overlook the Gueishan Island and see the trains going through


  • Open: 24 hours
  • Official holiday: open all year round
  • Admission fee: free admission

Parking Information

  • Pay parking lot in the park
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