Zhuangwei Sand-Dune Visitor Center
  • Zhuangwei Township, Yilan County
  • Hot spot/Activities/Experience


Covering 4.8 hectares of land, Zhuangwei Sand-Dune Visitor Center is the latest national charming attraction in Yilan. It's designed by renowned architect, Huang, Sheng-yuan. 

ngs together Yilan’s natural sand-dune landscape and architectural space designed by renowned architect Huang Sheng-yuan. He designed with the core concept of ‘empty valley, seeing dune’, and integrate the natural elements of Yilan to present landscape of sand dunes and the construction of sand caves. Walking along the park is a quiet rural field. On the side of pool is the pool reflection of the weather and forest treetops. Not only set off the scenery of Zhuangwei Dune Visitor Center but the vast dune scenery, which makes people slow down. Inaugurated on April 28, 2018, the park includes a visitor center, and sand-dune exhibition center  (curated by film director Tsai Ming-liang). He curated six major theme exhibitions (dust, sea, moonlight, wind, tide, rain) with the image of ‘Dune’ as the core. The overall presentation is mainly through the large-scale image projection, and the integration of natural elements such as sand, wind break forest, water and other set devices, which makes people experience many other beautiful places such as the coasts of Zhuangwei, bicycle trails, Houpi and Buhou communities, and Lanyang River Outlet Bird Conservation Area. whenever in the sunrise, sunset and moonrise, it is great enjoyment to listen the sound of waves, stroll through the park and enjoy the scenery. When coming here, it can slow down, clearly observe the dun building and pull out the calm and natural customs. There is bike stage, travel advisory center, a multimedia audio-visual room up to 50 people, playing a film ‘Sand’ directed by Tsai Ming-liang, and other information leaflets on tourist attractions in the northeast.


  • Vast Dune Scenery 
  • Dune Museum
  • Bike Stage
  • Multimedia Audiovisual Hall


  • Business hour: 09:00~17:00
  • Official holiday: open all year round

Parking Information

  • Free parking
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