Chef's tasting menu, delicate Taiwanese banquet cuisine
  • Yuanshan Township, Yilan County
  • Medium (can be cancelled free of charge 7 days prior to the check in date.)
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  • MandarinEnglishTaiwanese
  • Rocking chair/sling chairOutdoor play areaPond(fish-feeding)
  • Tuesday closed
  • Children tablewareChildren chair
  • Introduction film included
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☆We serve chef's tasting menu which are 7 dishes, 1 soup and 1 plate of fruits.

☆Dishes, soups, and fruits will be served according to the seasons and the festivals.

☆Our chef makes use of seasonal food materials, local fresh vegetables and fruits, and fresh seafoods to cook the delicacies for every gourmet.


It is a Yilan featured restaurant hiding in the mountain at Yuanshan township in Yilan nearby Shuanglianpi which is the rare low attitude wetland in Taiwan and renowned as Little Swiss in Yilan. And on the way to Fushan Botanical Garden, the largest botanical garden in Asia, you will pass by the restaurant also. As you are dining here, you will enjoy not only the appetizing Tawanese-style table set menu delicacies, but also the impressive landscape with mountains, lakes, farmland and Deciduous Cypress surrounding. Also, children could have so much fun here, they played hide-and-seek, they feed the fishes, and so on. Sometimes, the host will sell the local agriculture products in the restaurant planted by local farmers. Welcome to visit here and find the treasure.


7 dishes, 1 soup, 1 plate of fruits; please take as reference as below.


  • Dried duck with kumquat, Pingdong smoked scortum barcoo, small abalone with Taiwan five flavor sauce, blanched white shrimp, chicken feet with sauce.

Signature dish

  • Chopped cold chicken

  • Si-ru-lou, Yilan famous banquet dishes

Chef's recommendation

  • Grilled sweetfish with salt

  • Kung pao eel

  • Abalone with sauce

  • Fried prawn with sauce

  • Roasted pig wings with black pepper sauce

Daily soup

  • Fresh bamboo shoots with mushrooms soup (only served in Summer)

  •  Pork ribs with white radish soup (only served in Winter)

Local agricultural products

  • Gynura

Festival dessert (not served routinely)

  • Toasted marshmallow

  • Kee chang, which is also named rice dumplings(only served during the period of Dragon Boat Festival)

Seasonal fresh juice (not served routinely)

  • Pineapple juice

Support Yilan local farmer

  • We will sell the Yilan local farmer's agricultural products sometimes at our restaurant; welcome to buy it.


  • Business hour

  • Minimum order per person

Parking information

  • Free parking lot offered.

Additional product

  • Children tableware, children high chair: limited numbers, please book in advance.
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Chef's tasting menu, delicate Taiwanese banquet cuisine
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About dining

  • If you are a vegetarian or need special meal, please inform us at least three days prior to the check-in day.

Notice for booking the seat

  • The booking fee for each guest who has minimum order is TWD 15; the booking fee is not included in the meal fee.
  • The procedure of making a reservation online is: "date">"time period">"the number of people">"optional product">"additional product">"book instantly"
  • The number of the optional product should be equal to the number of people who have minimum order; "the optional product" is the required field.
  • Please check-in on time or check-in 10 minutes earlier; to guarantee other guests' right, we will serve on time to ensure every guest has enough time and high quality environment to enjoy meals.
  • People who are above 6 years old have minimum order. For those who are within 6 to 11 years old, the minimum order is TWD 330; for those who are above 12 years old, the minimum order is TWD 750.
  • Please book the precise number of guests including those who are free of charge and book the precise age or the precise height of each guest who have minimum order, so that we can help you arrange the most appropriate seat; If there're extra guests at the counter or the guests who have reached the minimum order, but didn't pay the booking fee online in advance, we may refuse to receive extra guests at the counter if it's full booking.
  • We may ask you to show your and your children's passport or ID as check-in for identification at the check-in counter.
  • Tax has been included.

Notice for booking the meal

  • Dishes, soups, and fruits will be served according to the seasons and the festivals. The dessert and the fresh juice are not served routinely; tea and water will be served free of charge.

Restaurant rules

  • No outside food or drink allowed except for special requirements. If you have special requirements, please inform us in advance.
  • We have the right to adjust the contents of the meal and the price of the meal.

Friendly notice

  • Please be aware of your children's safety as they are eating or playing the game facilities or playing in the public area or the play area.
  • If there are any questions about the meal before booking, please make good use of "contact host" or note it in the memo field after booking.
  • The fish feed is also sold in our restaurant; welcome to buy it if you need. 
  • If you want to know more about us, please go to our "All views".

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