Yilan|March 1 to Nov 30|Explore the mystery island in Taiwan–Gueishan Island in Yilan
  • Toucheng Township, Yilan County
  • Light (can be cancelled free of charge 3 days prior to the check-in date.)
  • Cash
  • No age limit
  • Farming/Nature/Animal ExperienceSummer Experience
  • MandarinEnglishTaiwanese
  • Outdoor activityWater activity
  • Introduction film includedShow Pc TOUR's proof of purchase on the order record page as check-in.
  • Half-day tour
  • 1 people can go

☆During the epidemic period, tourists should wear the mask; and before boarding, we will check the head temperature and spray the hand sanitizer for safety preparation.

☆Gueishan Island will be closed every Wednesday.

☆Gueishan Island visiting is always fully-booking on weekends/holidays, we remind you if you'd like to visit Gueishan Island on weekends/holidays, please book the schedule 14 days beforehand.

☆After booking, if the reservation of visiting Gueishan Island is full, we will give you full refund.

☆Whale and dolphin watching is not included in this itinerary. 


Hi! We are Polaris and Kavalan whale watching boat! In Yilan, from April to October every year, it's the high season for whale and dolphins watching. During the peak season, Pc TOUR group took children with us to take boat to go whales and dolphins watching and Gueishan Island visiting. It's so amazing that we saw hundreds of dolphins swimming around our boat and some of them are jumping out of the sea and whirling in the sky. They are just like playing with us and so close to people. Not only adults, but children do felt so exciting. If luckily, you may see the whale far away. After dolphin watching, we headed to the Gueishan Island, which is the fascinating mystery located 10 kilometers away from the east of the Toucheng township coastline in Yilan. It is not only the most renowned landmark in Yilan, but a spiritual symbol of Yilan people. As arriving at Gueishan Island, it's time to explore the rich ecological resources in the island and there are some species which only exist in the island. Let our professional tour guide lead you the way and let you understand the history of the mystery island. Gueishan Island visiting and famous eight scenes around Gueishan Island watching is a good ecological education for not only adults but also children. Don't miss these three popular seasonal activities which are suitable for family tour! 


Whale and dolphin watching+famous eight scenes around Gueishan Island watching, total activity time is 2 hous 30 miniutes.

|Famous eight scenes around Gueishan Island watching+Gueishan Island visiting, total activity time is 3 hours.

Whale and dolphin watching+famous eight scenes around Gueishan Island watching, Gueishan Island visiting, total activity time is 4 hours.


Check-in at the counter (the meeting point).

  • Please arrive at the check-in counter 30 minutes earlier with your ID card, children who is under 12 years old should bring the national health insurance card or household registration transcript; for foreigners, please bring your passport to check.

Explain the itinerary

  • Introduce the habits of the whale and the dolphin and the way to wear the life vest.

Set off

Whale and dolphin watching

  • Every year from April to October, in Yilan, from April to October every year, it's the high season for whale and dolphins watching. There are thousands of dolphins will appear on the sea especially the Spinner Dolphin. They are lively and adorable, so it's beloved by many tourists.

Gueishan Island visiting

  • 401 Highland: the hot pot is not included in the itinerary. It 's the most highest point of Gueishan Island that you can see the whole views of 360 degree of Gueishan Island, total stairs are 1706 and it's challenging suitable for participants above 12 years old.

  • Guanyin with a dragon

  • Lakeside Trail

  • Gueishan elementary school

  • Military tunnel|Abandoned US-made M1A1 90mm anti-aircraft guns

  • Military blockhouse|The landmark: although island is isolated, but people is not.

  • Linggueibaiwei lake|Bei-an dock

  • Gueishan island tourists service center|Putuoyan

Famous eight scenes around Gueishan island watching

  • Gueishan Jhao Rih|Gueishan sulphur smoke

  •  Turtle eggs odd odd|Turtle tail 

  • Turtle wearing a hat|spectacle stalactites spectacle cave

  • Milk Sea (hot springs from sea bottom)| Turtle rock wall


  • Participant and fee: the clean fee for Gueishan Island visiting will be paid at the counter.

Parking information

  • Free parking lot in the bulding of the Toucheng fisherman's association or roadside pay parking space.

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超級好玩,Pc TOUR的行程真的很棒,網路下單很快、廠商也很給力,非常推薦。
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Yilan|March 1 to Nov 30|Explore the mystery island in Taiwan–Gueishan Island in Yilan
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About dining

  • We offer a cup of water, other snacks or foods you need to bring by your self. And on the island, the Gueishan island tourists service center also sells snacks, ice-cream, tea eggs, etc.

Notice for booking

  • After booking, please inform us of the full name and the date of birth of every guest to apply for the insurance and the entry permit for Gueishan Island. 
  • Please bring your ID card while check-in. For children under 12 years old should bring the national health insurance card or household registration transcript for check-in; for foreigners, please bring the passport for check-in. If passengers forget to bring the document for verifying the certification and result in being refused to take boat or visit the Gueishan island, passengers should take responsible for yourself.
  • The experience fee includes ship fees, Gueishan island visiting fee, whale and dolphin watching fee, custom fee, tour guide fee, passenger insurance fee,etc.
  • The clean fee for Gueishan Island visiting will be paid at the counter.
  • Due to the change in tide, we may adjust our set off time. And we will confirm the exact time for setting off one day prior to the check-in day before 17:00 through email.
  • If the schedule is cancelled due to the weather, we will inform you one day prior to the check-in day. You can choose to postpone to another day or have full refund.

Experience rules

  • Please arrive at the check-in counter 30 minutes earlier. For example, if you make a reservation on 13:00, please be on time on 12:30 to complete the check-in procedure.
  • During the voyage, you must wear the life vest.
  • Please do not throw out any goods into the sea or feed the animals in the sea to destroy the ocean ecology. And please take your own trash back home.
  • Everything on the Gueishan Island belongs to the Gueishan Island. Please do not take away to avoid breaking the laws.

Friendly notice

  • Our whale and dolphin watching boat team will cooperate with each other to find the dolphins and whales on the sea. And we will try our best to find the dolphins for you. But we still have to remind you that the whale is not common and the you may not see the dolphins. However, during the peak season, the chance to see the dolphin is higher.
  • If you have seasickness, we suggest that you should take sea sickness medicines 30 minutes before setting off.
  • If it's rainy, we have prepared the light raincoat.

Tips for anti seasickness

  • Before setting off, please take seasickness medicine 30 minutes earlier.
  • Relax while voyage, and look beyond.
  • Sitting outside the cabin is not easy to get seasickness.
  • Enough rest last night.
  • Before taking the boat, please do not eat too much.

Details for check-in

  • Check-in time:please arrive at the check-in counter 30 minutes earlier.
  • Check-in place: counter no.5-6 at the first floor of the bulding of the Toucheng fisherman's association, Mr. Lee.
  • GPS address: No. 15-7, Wushigang Rd., Toucheng Township, Yilan County 261, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Refund policy

Total price