Bubble Crab
  • Yuanshan Township, Yilan County
  • Hot spot/Activities/Experience


Bubblecrab is located at Yuanshan Township, Yilan County, here is the undergrounding spring area naturally formed. There are about ten small holes under the ground, when water pour out from the bottom of the pond, it will pop out a lot of small bubbles as if crab is spitting; thus, it called as ‘Bubble Crab’. In 2006, Yuanshan Township Farmers Association and Township Office renovated hardware equipment around the pond, it has become a resting place where has culture history and sightseeing water resources in Yuanshan Township. There are three ponds in Bubble Crab, two ponds are bigger than the other one, clear and not deep. During the hot weather, some tourists always come here for playing in water. Because the water is clean and the water’s temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius, the public feels cool and loves here. The bottom of the pond has fine sand and small stone, that won’t hurt the public; besides, there has a slide in water. A pavilion was established at the pond side that the parents are able to rest and also watch out the children. The pond near the pavilion is smaller, it also provides foot bath for everyone. Some tourists like to come here for fishing, but in order to continue to operate, they still release those creatures. Bubble Crab built public toilet that the tourists are able to change clothes and go to restroom. Due to the clear water and the cool temperature, here is the first choice to go to play in water for many homes. If the public want to eat something after playing, there is restaurant for choosing; besides, if the tourisms would like to have fun for one to two days, hostels also are provided nearby the Bubble Crab, which is a good choice. Expect for the experience of the nature here, it also strengthens the relationship with parents and children.


  • The Natural Pond

  • The Foot Bath
  • Bubble Crab Barbecue Restaurant 


  • 24hours

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  • Free parking at roadside


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