Fire and Water Spring in Wuyuan Village-Impressive sight269 宜蘭縣冬山鄉武淵路103號
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Fire and Water Spring at Wuyuan Village below Freeway No.5, Chiang Wei-shui Memorial Freeway, is a natural phenomenon that fire and water co-exist at same place. Several years ago, the residents found out that there’s Biogas rising from the ground and it’s stable and exists all the year round. Meanwhile, around Biogas, the natural water spring keeps constant temperature that kids can play in. Recent years, some travelers will visit here to see the impressive sight; therefore, Da-wan-gong slides and artificial turf are newly constructed to make here become a playground for parents and child to spend a leisure time. Moreover, in addition to playing on the slide, having picnic on the artificial turf, you can also have a foot bathing in the water spring. Besides, there’re some street vendors around the spot. It’s really a nice place for parent-and-child to spend a leisure time to stay here at least over 1-2 hours. It is used to select into drums, bake chicken and do drying room by the residents; nowadays, many residents in the village still use the local assets that the nature gave us, saves money and is environmentally friendly. In June of last year, residents utilized the existing natural biogas and fountain to make a landscape named ‘Fire and Water Spring’ that few people knew it at then. In the early Wuyuan village, there are many hot springs with temperatures of 29degrees; however, the residents didn’t know what the reason was until someone threw a cigarette on the water and heard of loud bang, which the residents realized that those fountain are with bog gas. Because there has bog gas in the middle of the pool of Fire and Water Spring, those have flames and the surrounding natural fountain are still in the same temperatures throughout the year, forming landscape presence of water and fire. In recent years, a lot of tourists come here to find out and gradually there are tourist crowds, the bowl-shaped and artificial grassland were built. The adults will take the children to come here, in addition to allowing to play the slippery slide, while the adults are able to have picnic on the vast artificial turf even have a foot bathing, which is pretty comfortable. Because it is below the viaduct, here are quite cool. When the summer is hot, many visitors would come to take a rest. Besides, some people will take a look at it before heading to the next attraction. For the residents, there is a precious landscape the nature gave, and also the good place for others tourists. Nevertheless, the pets are not allowed to enter the artificial turf, and it is recommended to play during the day so that you can have fun and enjoy yourself. Being a parent-child trip place is totally good.


  • Fire and Water Spring
  • Bowl-shaped Slippery Slide
  • Padding pools

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