Yilan|Rabbit Pencil School|Visit the Pencil Factory ran for more than 60 years old
  • Wujie Township, Yilan County
  • Medium (can be cancelled free of charge 7 days prior to the check in date.)
  • Cash
  • No age limit
  • Indoor activity
  • MandarinTaiwanese
  • Introduction film includedShow Pc TOUR's proof of purchase on the order record page as check-in.
  • Limited numbers of participants

☆Must make a reservation one day in advance. 


As you step into the Rabbit pencil school, you will see some momentous tables, chairs and the largest pencil in Taiwan, with the height of two meters and it's made of hinoki. There are enthusiastic guides sharing introducing how a pencil is made of.  After acquiring the some knowledge about a pencil, one may also make your own unique pencils. We have preserved the traditional pencil factory until now, which is in its original and historic state. One can see the Japanese architecture and some precious equipment which have already been considered as the historical site. While participating in the activity, you will feel like going back to the olden days. Not only we enable children to know the history about the pencil, but also let adults and the elderly reminisce about our old brand---RABBIT.  With open hand we welcome you and together we feel the old brand's charm!


Total activity time is 2 hours.

Please register 10 minutes before time. Be prompt!.

Guided tour at the Rabbit pencil school

  • Know the story of Rabbit Pencil School.

Viewing the introduction video.

  • Know basic knowledge about the pencil and join the Q and A portion and win yourself a prize.

Group activity

  • Challenge how fast you can stack the plank.

  • Becoming the little pencil lead.

  • Fishing game using the pencil.

DIY Pencil- make a unique pencil of your own.

Visit the pencil factory

  • This factory, Rabbit Stationary Industrial Co. Ltd., which has already been running over 70 years , still operating and surprisingly one can view an antique fire distinguisher in the factory .

Graduation photo from the pencil school

  • Take group photos.


  • Business hour and the experience time

  • Fee

Parking information

  • Priority parking is free of charge to customers who make prior reservation online.

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Yilan|Rabbit Pencil School|Visit the Pencil Factory ran for more than 60 years old
Regular ticket|above 4 years oldper one
TWD 150
Guaranteed trip: regular ticket(above 4 years old)nine persons at a time
TWD 1,350
Concession ticket|above 65 years old or have disability cardper one
TWD 100
Guaranteed trip: concession ticket(above 65 years old)nine persons at a time
TWD 900

About dining

  • No restaurant or dining area: we serve only ice-cream, coffee and drinks. There are no restaurants or any dining area.   If one brings food and drinks, kindly consume them before activity begins or after the activity finish. Please do not litter.

Notice for booking

Only accept booking in advance

  • The activity only accepts booking in advance. To make sure the activity's quality for every participant, please at least book one day in advance, so that we can help you arrange a tour guide and would be able to experience DIY pencil .
  • Please register the number of guests you booked online, if there are extra guests we have the right to refuse the extra guests at the counter.
  • Please show the proof of purchase on your order record page and your children's passport or ID for identification at the check-in counter. And participants who are above 65 years old or have disability card need to show the identity document at the counter.
  • For safety concerns, the factory won't entertain visitors who didn't make a reservation in advance. Please book the activity one day in advance.

Accessible environment

  • The tour will be guided at a fixed location; there's only one location you need to go to the second floor, if you carry the baby stroller, we suggest that you can place at the first floor or you may carry it upstairs.
  • If there are wheelchair users, please inform us when booking and we will arrange the classroom on the first floor.

Minimum number for the guaranteed group tour and last minute booking

  • The minimum number of participants for the guaranteed group tour is 6 persons above 4 years old who should buy the regular ticket or 9 persons who should buy the concession ticket. Participants who are under 4 years old are free of charge without the materials for DIY pencil .  
  • The activity will be cancelled by the system automatically if there are not enough people participating in the activity. And the system will send you the notification of cancellation 1 day prior to the check-in day through email and you will have full refund.


  • The activity will still be held even if it is rainy.


  • There is no place for keeping pets. To guarantee the quality of the tour and ensure the pleasantness for every visitors, we suggest that keep your pets at home or keep them in your bag or in the cage; then carry the pets by your side to avoid disturbing other tourists and keep the environment clean. 


  • All prices are tax included.

Experience rules

  • Except for the guide dog, other pets should be kept in the bags or in the cages. Otherwise, guests who didn't follow the rule will be refused to enter the premises.
  • Please check-in 10 minutes earlier and finish the check-in procedure before the activity begins. We will arrange the classroom according to the check-in priority and the number of participants.
  • If guests or the main contact person who do not check-in on time and lead to the insufficient time to tour, guests or the main contact person should take the responsibility.

Friendly notice

  • While using the public facilities, please keep your children close and be aware of your children's safety.
  • The guided tour is in Mandarin. If you need English guided tour, please inform us when booking.
  • The procedure and the content of the activity may be adjusted based the current situation.
  • If you want to know more about us, please check on “All reviews”.

Refund policy

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