Yilan Brick Kiln
  • Yilan City, Yilan County
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Yilan Brick Kiln is one of the centennial monument and preserved to be the most intact brick kiln monument in Yilan. The Yilan Brick Kiln is also named as Jinmei Brick Kiln. The soil's viscosity in Beijing and Meizhou in Yilan is high, so it's suitable for baking the red brick; besides, it started to set up the brick kiln in the Qing Dynasty, because the most of brick kilns were built here, it is also called as "Brick Kilns Nest". During the Japanese colonial period, the demanding for bricks were getting more and more which makes brick kilns be in the heyday. However, with the advancement of science and technology, concrete took replace of brick which caused the brick kilns begun to decline and was abandoned gradually. Now, it has become the most complete preserved brick kiln monument in Yilan, so the neighboring community is expected to set up a "Yilan Brick Kiln Museum". Besides, the Yilan Brick Kiln was composed of 13 red bricks, a row shape looks like Chinese word "eye"; thus, it is also named as "The Eye Kiln" by the local. Behind of the brick kiln, a huge chimney up to 37 meters was erected; after years of various natural disasters, it still stands firmly. Besides, a mini-train track is also preserved nearby, which makes the public realize the history about transporting the soil. There is a large grassland in front of the brick kiln that children are able to take picnics and play on it. It's quite a good place for parents and children to take a rest. On the other hand, Yilan Brick Kiln can not only let the public see the tools for making brick and the kiln for baking, but also see the complete preserved kiln room; besides, there is a commentary to describe the history of brick kiln and a folk art studio which introduce the process of making the brick to let people think about the glorious history of brick kiln in the past time. As you visit here, you can take photos and take a walk at here. Immerse yourself in the antiques of brick kiln culture.


  • The Eye Kiln
  • The mini-train track

  • The giant chimney

  • Wide grassland


  • Open: 24 hours
  • Official holiday: open all year round
  • Admission fee: free admission

Parking Information

  • Roadside free parking 

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