Memorial Hall Founding of Yilan Administration
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Memorial Hall Founding of Yilan Administration was originally official residence of magistrates.The building was built in 1906, and the garden covers an area of 2645 square meter with 245 square meter of buildings. Its architecture style combines Japanese wooden house and western classical building. In addition to the building of the official residence, the Japanese garden is also the most distinctive area and the building materials used here are the cypress in Taipingshan; therefore, the Memorial Hall Founding of Yilan Administration can represent one of the most historical building. The exhibitions in the interior display mainly cover the cultural relics during three periods. The first period is in the era of the Kavalan Hall during the Qing Dynasty, the second period is in the era of Yilan Hall during Japanese colony and the third one is in the era of Yilan County since Taiwan restoration until now. However, the reason that the historical building should be preserved is due to a centuries-old Camphor over 100 years. To preserve the Camphor and leave a historical testimony of Yilan political development, the Yilan County Government decided to keep the tree and reconstruct the centuries-old official residence into Memorial Hall Founding of Yilan Administration in 1997's. As you visit here, slow down your steps to feel the tranquility of the space and recall the past memories of Yilan to feel the intersection of people and history. The establishment of the museum not only becomes the cultural property owned by all the county's residents, but also is the best place for the public to understand Yilan's histories, humanities and education.


  • Building mixed with Japanese wooden and western classical style
  • Nanmen Garden Historical Space
  • Vestibule of the Previous Yilan Prison

  • Residence of the Previous Secretary General

  • Residence of the Previous Principal of the Agriculture and Forestry School
  • Centennial Articrafts
  • Hitrorical Display
  • Centuries-old Camphor over 100 years


  • Business hour: every Tuesday to Sunday 09:00~17:00
  • Official holiday: every Monday, the last day of every month, Lunar New Year's Eve
  • Admission fee: pay admission

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