Taipingshan Bong Bong Train
  • Datong Township, Yilan County
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-From July 10, 2020, Taipingshan Bongbong Train has been opened to traffic. And from July, 10, the favorable price will be adjusted to the original price.--July 1, 2020


The Taipingshan Bong Bong Train in the Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area, which real name is Mountain Materials-transporting Railcar, mainly used to carry timber. It has 16 lines with total length of more than 100 kilometers. Among them, the Maosing Line is the most representative section. In 1985, the section was repaired in Maosing Line with a length of 3 kilometers. And the mountain materials-transporting railcar from Taipingshan to Maosing was renovated as a carriage for tourists to take; besides, in 1991 after obtaining the certificate of conformity according to the management of mechanical amusement facilities, it was officially operated in the name of Bong Bong Train in November at the same year. However, it was hit by typhoon since six years ago, and the government invested much money and time to re-open it in 2018; after reconstruction, it appealed to many tourists heading for taking the whole new train. The Taipingshan Bong Bong Train creates the modern tourism trolley culture in Taiwan and preserves the past culture of forestry machine-producing. It is the most unique recreation experience in Taipingshan for tourists to take Bong Bong Train, a trolley with open coach and without window, through the forest, iron bridge to have a forest bath and embrace the nature. Besides, around the Bong Bong train, there are some places worthy to visit such as History Exhibition Hall or Red Cypress House, which can let people understand both previous history and the wood culture. In addition, the surrounding area are rich in ecology and forest, you can see the footprints of nature for thousands years while strolling.


  • Taipingshan Station Platform
  • Maosing Station Platform
  • Maosing Reminiscent Trail


▲Photo/from Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area official website

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  • Free parking lot
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Notice for tickets

  • The tickets for Taipingshan bongbong train will only be sold at the counter of the Taipingshan ticket office from 7:00am every morning.
  • The tickets are round trip. Each one can only buy 20 tickets.

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Friendly notice

  • We suggest that you could bring some snacks, foods or water by yourself in advance before entering into the Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area.
  • If you would like to take the Taipingshan bongbong train, it's better for you to arrive at the counter of the Taipingshan ticket office around 7:00am. 
  • Please reserve 90 minutes for the distance if you drive from the counter of the Taipingshan ticket office to the Bong-bong train station ticket booth.