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  • Datong Township, Yilan County
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Jianqing Historic Trail located in Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area in Yilan. It's the only trail in Taiwan on the list of the most 28 attractive trails in the world. The name of Jianqing Historic Trail origins from the reason that in the afternoon, it's the best location to enjoy the romantic scene, sea of cloud in Taipingshan mountain, one of TOP 8 attractions in Lanyang. However, as the mist has lasted for a while, instead, people is desired to see the sun appeared. Therefore, the trail is named "Jianqing" which means "see the sun". During the period of Japanese colonial, it's used as timber transported railway; nowadays, it's rebuilt to become the national trail. But still leave few original railway covered with moss to keep the native appearance. Taipingshan Jianqing Historic Trail in Yilan is the must-visit trail for you in Taiwan.


Jianqing Historic Trail

  • The trail is 900m in lenth and a round trip takes about 1 hour.

Railway covered with moss

  • The hottest check-in location which is the only trail in Taiwan on the list of the most 28 attractive trail in the world.


  • Business hour

Parking Information

  • Free parking space
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