Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area
  • Datong Township, Yilan County
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Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area is located at Datong Township in Yilan County; the altitudes of Taipingshan are about 2000 meters. Before it was developed into the forest recreation area in 1989, it was Taipingshan forest farm; currently, it is managed by Luodong Forest District Office. The area is known for preserving the primeval forests such as Red Cypress and Hemlock. The area of Taipingshan recreation forest is extensive, reaching 12,929.52 hectares which includes the location of Tuchang, Jioujhihze, Jhongjian, Lantai, Bailing, Shangping, Taipingshan, Maosing, Cueifong Lake, Dahyuanshan and Tulishan. Among these places, the location of Tuchang, Jioujhihze, Jhongjian, Taipingshan, Maosing and Cueifong Lake are open to the public. Gernerally speaking, the whole recreation area constitudes a beautiful scenery with mountains and valleys which Tuchang and Jioujhihze belong to the river valley geomorgy, Taipingshan belongs to hillside and Cueifong Lake belongs to alpine lake. And due to its diversified terrain and the great difference of the altitude, there are both of Subtropics and Frigid Climate. Besides, varieties of trees in each forest zone show various appearances in four seasons. As for the multiple resources of alpine lake, in addition to well-known Cueifong Lake, there are Sansing Pond and Chialo Lakes. Moreover, here are one of the famous eight scenic spots in Lanyang "Taiping sea of clouds"; and in 2015, "Taipingshan Jiancing Historic Trail" in Taiwan was chosen to be one of the most beautiful 28 trails in  the world; and there are the highest alpine lake in Taiwan named "Cueifong Lake". Taipingshan National Recreation Area is abundant of trees constituting the green mountains landscape and harbors hot spring, sea of clouds, snow, waterfalls and lakes. Furthermore, you can enjoy the green shower as visiting Taipingshan everywhere. It is the best location for people to embrace nature or outdoor activities.



Jioujhihze hot spring

  • Hot-spring egg-boiling pool 

  • Outdoor hot spring area

▲Photo/from Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area official website

  • Duowang Suspension Bridge

Jiancing Historic Trail

  • The only trail in Taiwan on the list of the most 28 attractive trails in the world.

Taipingshan Bong-bong Train

Maosing Reminiscent Trail

Cueifong Lake


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▲Photo/from Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area official website

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▲Photo/from Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area official website

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