Dajhou Station
  • Sanxing Township, Yilan County
  • Hot spot/Activities/Experience


The Dajhou station is a Japanese architecture, located at Sansing Township, it is one of the station of Taipingshan Forest Railway, and it is managed by Luodong Forest District Office.  The Taipingshan railway starts at Tuchang Station at Datong Township; Dajhou station is one of the station and the final station is Jhulin Station at Luodong Township; the total length is 36.8 km. Due to the termination of logging in 1979, the Taipingshan Forest Railway was closed; thus, the Dajhou Station was also abolished. The Dajhou station has a train turntable that can turn the locomotive. Now, the Dajhou Station was rebuilt with cypress at the original location and it was preserved the ancient style of the nostalgic wooden station. Although the station was rebuilt, it still remain the original design.  In addition, it is also the scene that many brides and grooms like to take wedding photos with. On the wall, there are still fare tables for the various miles of the Taipingshan Forest Railway and they also hang the previous photos to let people know the lifestyle of people in the previous time. In the station, it is a museum that recalls the history of the Taipingshan Forest Railway and preserves cultural relics. The museum tells people that the process of transporting wood at that time, and let us experience the hard life of the previous people. If someone would like to visit the museum, it is necessary to make an appointment with the narrator and the narrator will introduce the history to you. 


  • Dajhou station
  • Taipingshan Forest Railway Museum (Need to make an appointment before visit.)
  • The old steam train and the turntable 
  • Public restroom


  • Open: 24 hours
  • Official holiday: open all year round
  • Admission fee: free admission

Parking Information

  • Roadside free parking
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Sanxing Township, Yilan County
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