Annong River Flood Diversion Weir
  • Sanxing Township, Yilan County
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The river discharged from the Lanyang Power Plant, irrigates the Sansing's farmland, which was called "Dianhuo river". And Dianhuo river also supplies most of the land at Luodong, Sanxing, Wujie township respectively with water, so it has been renamed as Annong River. And Annong River Flood Diversion Weir, also named as "Fountain Park" covers 200,000 square meter which is a scenic area both with beautiful scenery to enjoy and the natural ecology to observe due to the reason that many birds inhabit here and there are some uncommon plants. Besides, the cycle path on the Annong river bank from Shuiyuan Bridge to Annong River Flood Diversion Weir, which the total length is 8 kilometers, is the best place for seeing the pastoral landscape. It took the Yilan County Government more than four years and about twenty million dollars constructing the Diversion Weir Scenic Area which has pavilions, management center, water pool and planting. When walking into the scenic area, you can see many trees and flowers around and ecology is well-maintained; and here are also the destination of the bikeway and the Yilan's featured summer activity which is rafting on Annong River. Moreover, along with the instruction trail, you can see a pink lover's bridge which it's an attraction that not only many couples will take pictures with but a hottest check-in place many tourists will visit. Standing on the commanding heights of the pink lover's bridge, you can see the tributary of the Annong River. It's really unforgettable as you see the green grass and trees reflect on the mountains far away. Arriving at the diversion weir along the trail, there is a sightseeing platform that people can observe the Hydraulic engineering through many different angles and views. Many tourists would walk toward the end of the water gate and experience what "Moses Parting Sea" feels. The park is rich in ecology and it is definitely a good place for parent-child traveling.


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  • Pink lover's bridge

  • Flood diversion weir


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