Yilan|Sang-jiang Rafting|Feel a sense of speed, go rafting in Yilan! Summer Only
  • Sanxing Township, Yilan County
  • Most lightly (can be cancelled free of charge prior to the check in date.)
  • Reservation OnlyIntroduction film includedShow Pc TOUR's proof of purchase on the order record page as check-in.
  • Cash
  • MandarinTaiwanese
  • Outdoor activityWater activity
  • suitable for people above 11 years old
  • Half-day tour
  • Summer Experience
  • Limited numbers of participants

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  • The 15:00 session in the evening is not available unless the morning and afternoon sessions are fully booked.
  • If the reservation is full or the number of people is insufficient, a full refund or rescheduling is available.
  • FAQ: Many people wonder if the water, which looks murky, is dirty. The answer is that the water is actually very clean! Because of the swift current, the water stirs up sand on the riverbed, making it appear muddy. However, the water is very clean!


Hi! We are Sang-jiang Rafting specializing in offering the rafting activity in Yilan. The rafting activity in Yilan is at Annong River in Sansing township which is discharged from the Lanyang Power Plant; therefore, the stream at Annong River is rapid and heavy which can make you feel excited and a different sense of speed. In addition, around the both side of the river, there are the wide meadow, so the surrounding is safe. But as you participate in the rafting activity, remember to follow the instructions from the coach. Don't hesitate! Seize the rafting season from April to November every year in Yilan.


The total activity time is around 3 hours.

  • Check-in and wear the life vest and the non-slip shoes.

  • After 30 minutes, pick you up from the parking lot in the assembing place to the starting point of the rafting activity.
  • Safety instructions.
  • Set off

  • Take shower and dress up.


|Business hour: from April to November every year. 08:30-11:30/12:30-15:30/15:00-18:00.

  • 15:00-18:00 will be only opened during the summer vacation. But if 12:30-15:30 is fully-booking during the continuous holidays, 15:30-18:30 will also be opened.

|Fees: include activity, coach, insurance, equipment, photography and administrative expense. 

|Participants: above 10 years old or above 130 cm or kids above 3rd grade adaptable to water activities. 

Parking information

  • Free parking lot at the assembling place.

Additional product

  • 每艘船6+1人額滿(包含教練)。
  • 全程需配戴口罩,須自備2個口罩以上。

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Yilan|Sang-jiang Rafting|Feel a sense of speed, go rafting in Yilan! Summer Only
10 years old and above, or 130cm and above, or in the fourth grade of elementary school and above, and under 65 years old and are suitable for water activitiesper person
TWD 800

About dining

  • We provide a cup of water. 

Notice for booking

  • The morning activity is at 08:30; the afternoon one is at 12:30.
  • During the summer vacation, if the morining booking is full, we will add an extra activity at 6:30; if the afternoon booking is full, we will add an extra activity at 15:00.
  • During the summer vacation, only under the situation the reservation is full on the morning activity or on the afternoon activity, we will add the extra activity at the early morning or at the evening.
  • 8 people in one rubber boat. But if the river is less on the day, it will be 6 people in one rubber boat.
  • We have help every customers insure the public liability insurance of TWD 3 million.
  • All prices have included tax.

Experience rules

  • To guarantee other guests' right, please be on time. After 30 minutes of the check-in time, we will set off. Please be punctual as there will be NO waiting for late-comers.
  • Under these conditions, you will not be allowed to participate in the rafting activity: cardiac disease, hypertension, epilepsy and children under 11 years old and the elderly above 65 years old.
  • Before the activity and during the activity, do not drink alcohol.
  • Do not bring any precious goods during the activity; we prepare lockers for you to place your personal goods. 
  • Please avoid wearing glasses, sun-glasses or any accessories to protect you from getting hurt during the activity. We suggest that you could wear contact lens or swimming goggles with diopters.
  • Please follow the instructions the coach gives you and obey the safety rules. 
  • Please wear the life vest and helmet properly. Do not take off during the activity to prevent danger. 
  • One coach in one rubber boat. Please follow the coach's intructions to avoid danger. 
  • We suggest you should wear long sleeve and trousers to avoid sunburn and wear the non-slip shoes we offered for you to walk well on the riverbed and prevent getting hurt during the activity. 
  • The rafting activity is a highly challenging activity; please be well-prepared to avoid any accident injuiries.
  • You can decide by yourself to experience turning over the rubber boat or not.

Friendly notice

  • The activity will be held normally in case of rain because the stream of the annong river will not rise suddenly and sharply if rainy; so no worry about this question.
  • At the end of the activity, we provide shower rooms and hair dryers; you can bring your own body wash and the shampoo or any other toilertry.
  • As taking shower and dressing up, we provide body wash, shampoo, conditioner and hair dryer except for towels.

Refund policy

Total price