Taiwan travel advice|Taipei Yilan Hualien Taichung Nantou 6-Day Tour (Product No: PC230610729)
  • Shilin District, Taipei City
  • Most lightly (can be cancelled free of charge prior to the check in date.)

Product No: PC230610729

※The following is a self-guided tour itinerary, and the schedule and itinerary can be adjusted according to personal preferences.

※Refund conditions depend on the regulations of each attraction.

※You can click on the link to make an online reservation or 【Add to My Journey】.

※【Add to My Journey】 allows you to see the distance and travel time between points, and provides navigation to get there.

※If you are a group traveler and require accommodation and chartering services for 3 or more rooms, please contact Pc TOUR's dedicated travel planner to enjoy group discount prices.

※Individual travel (1-2 rooms) can directly book itinerary and accommodation by clicking the link.



第1天 - 9/4 (一) 機場接機(立即預約): 班機抵達時間預計為16:30。

第2天 - 9/5 (二) 預計包車9小時(立即預約): 前往台中,台中飯店check-in

第3天 - 9/6 (三) 預計包車9小時(立即預約): 前往南投,南投飯店check-in

第4天 - 9/7 (四) 預計包車9小時(立即預約): 前往花蓮,下午太魯閣國家公園,花蓮飯店check-in

第5天 - 9/8 (五) 預計包車9小時(立即預約): 前往台北,上午清水斷崖、下午清水地熱、台北飯店check-in

第6天 - 9/9 (六) 預計包車8小時(立即預約)+機場送機(立即預約): 十分瀑布+十分放天燈,回程班機時間為TR899 15:55。

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