Taipei|Toyota Rav 4|Taipei One day tour 8 hrs|5 seats
  • Taipei City
  • Medium (can be cancelled free of charge 7 days prior to the check in date.)
  • cash
  • MandarinTaiwanese
  • ☆Pc TOUR supports "driver-friendly" policy

☆Pc TOUR支持「司機友善」政策:

  • 不主動要求折扣
  • 超時就須付費、不要求不收費
  • 準時上車、不讓司機久候
  • 保持禮貌、常說請、謝謝
  • 保持車內乾淨整潔





  • 車型:提供全新舒適Toyota Rav4 5人座
  • 費用:含過路費、司機餐食費及其他車輛可能產生之費用;未含停車費
  • 時數:共8小時



  • 超時費:包車時數超時以一小時計算;每小時現場加收新台幣550元
  • 停車費:包車費用不含旅途中所有停車費,旅客須於現場協助司機付款


  • 適合4位乘客(含嬰幼兒、孩童),後行李箱空間寬敞,可放置5件行李(4大1小)


  • 機場接送:如需桃園機場接送至宜蘭服務,請記得訂購時,於備註欄填寫班機號碼、抵台、離台時間以及接機舉牌名稱
  • 宜蘭半日遊4小時:須搭配機場接送服務,僅適用於抵台當天或離台當天預約
  • 兒童安全座椅:未滿4歲兒童須乘坐,僅供1台
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Response rate: 100% Response time: Within one day
Destination address
Zhongshan District, Taipei City
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To guarantee your payment security, except for Pc TOUR's website and marketplace (iOS/ Android), remember to fully communicate with hosts through Pc TOUR fully and do not believe in using other ways to pay or transfer fees.
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Hour of car charter service: 8 hours
Time of picking-up the car
Car return time :
Optional product
Taipei|Toyota Rav 4|Taipei One day tour 8 hrs|5 seats
Additional product
Pick up at airport: Taoyuan airport to YilanRemember to note the flight number and the arrival date and time in Taiwan
TWD 2,674
See off at airport: Yilan to Taoyuan airportRemember to note the flight number and the departure date and time from Taiwan
TWD 2,674
Yilan half-day tour: 4 hoursshould go with the service of pick-up and see-off at airport; only can be booked on the day of arriving in Taiwan and departure from Taiwan
TWD 2,057
Car charter service +extra 1 hour
TWD 514
One way: Yilan to Taipei
TWD 1,069
One way: Taipei to Yilan
TWD 1,069
Child safety seatchildren under 4 years old should take; only 1 offered
TWD 308

About "driver-friendly" policy

  • Pc TOUR's partnership of local drivers are working hard to take tourists to travel around Yilan; meanwhile, they take good care of every passenger's safety; because of their working hard, tourists can have a safe journey and enjoy a happy and  a comfortable trip. Therefore, Pc TOUR invites you to maintain the "driver-friendly" policy with us and let's create a driver-friendly environment for them, thank you.

About car charter service

  • If you have booked the pick-up at airport service to Yilan, the hours of car charter service will start to count from the moment as you pass through the Hsueh-shan tunnel.

  • If you are not sure about the exact time of taking the car, you could choose some time at first and then if you want to change the time, you can contact us one day before. The exact begining hours of the car charter service will start to calculate depending on the reservation time you have booked one day before. Please do not be late on the reservation day to avoid your precious time of the car charter service.
  • On weekdays from Monday to Friday, if the road conditions are smooth, the estimated time from Taiwan Taoyuan airport to Yilan is around 2 hours 15 minutes; and the estimated time from Taipei to Yilan is around 1 hours 15 minutes. On weekends from Saturday to Sunday and on Taiwan's national and continuous holidays, the traffic flow is usually heavy, so the estimated time from Taiwan Taoyuan airpot to Yilan is around 3 hours to 3 hours 30 minutes; and from Taipei to Yilan is around 2 hours. Please take the estimated time mentioned above as reference.

Notice for booking

  • One child safety seat occupies one seat.
  • As booking, please note the number of passengers and luggages; then we could help you arrange the most appropriate seating plan.
  • All prices have included tax.

About pick-up at airport

  • The driver will pick you up at the airport arrival hall according to the exact time of flight arrival time with your name board and wait for you for 90 minutes. If you haven't shown up after 90 minutes without any notification, you will be considered that you have given up the reservation willingly; and the fee wil not be refunded.
  • The name on the name board can be your company's name, Chinese name, English name, nickname and so on, please note it as booking.

About see-off at airport

  • The driver will pick you up at the designated location and will wait for you for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, if you haven't shown up, every one hour late will cost you TWD 500. And you need to pay to the driver directly. Please do not ask the driver not to charge and also do not let the driver wait for a long time. 

Car charter service rules

  • As long as the car charter service hours are exceeded, the overtime will be calculated based on one hour. Please do not ask the driver to have discount or not to charge.
  • According to Taiwan's law, children under 4 years old should have child safety seat. Therefore, please book the child safety seat if you have children under 4 years old.

Friendly notice

  • Please check-in the number of passengers you had booked and bring the suitable luggages. If there are extra passengers or extra luggages without notification that will cause overload, the driver has right to refuse your reservation and the fees will not be refunded.
  • The car types and the drivers will be adjusted depending on the situation of the vehicle dispatching on the day.
  • If there are any situation you need help on the day, please contact Pc TOUR's customer service immediately, and we will help you figure it out at once.
  • Pc TOUR provides two-way mutual evaluation mechanism for the host and the guests, please make use of the function. If you like the host's service, please give the driver good comments to encourage his/her working hard; if you have any suggestions, we welcome you to leave comments for us to advance our service also.
  • According to the international etiquettes, if you think the driver's service is good, we encourage that you could properly give the tips to the driver for positive encouragements.  

Refund policy

Total price