Taiwan travel advice|Taipei Day Tour》Taipei Flower Market, Taiwan Temples, Authentic Taipei Cuisine, and Stay at S-aura Hotel (Product NO: PC230508289)
  • Zhongshan District, Taipei City
  • Most lightly (can be cancelled free of charge prior to the check in date.)

※The following is a self-guided tour itinerary, and the schedule and itinerary can be adjusted according to personal preferences.

※Refund conditions depend on the regulations of each attraction.

※You can click on the link to make an online reservation or 【Add to My Journey】.

※【Add to My Journey】 allows you to see the distance and travel time between points, and provides navigation to get there.

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| Day Trip》Chartered Car 09:30~17:30 (Book Now) (Overtime fee will be charged hourly, NT500 per hour)

Option 1: Taipei Flower Market, Binjiang Fruit and Vegetable Market, Huaxi Street Night Market (Guo Family Stir-fried Beef), Longshan Temple, Li Jinli Food

This plan is expected to be within the chartered car time range, but may exceed the expected time due to traffic congestion or longer stay at attractions. If overtime occurs, please pay the driver overtime fee on-site, charged hourly at NT500 per hour.

此方案預計包車時間會超過表定時間,如有超時,請於現場支付司機超時費用,以每小時計費,每小時收費 NT500

此方案預計包車時間會超過表定時間,如有超時,請於現場支付司機超時費用,以每小時計費,每小時收費 NT500 

或 如果您希望早一點參拜廟宇,可以安排賽門甜不辣之後,先去參拜龍山寺。

  • 00:00~09:20|早餐:香樹花園酒店內+09:30準備出發前往台北一日遊
  • 09:30~09:45|交通:飯店前往台北花市
  • 09:55~10:55|景點:台北花市
  • 11:05~11:25|交通:台北花市前往濱江果菜市場
  • 11:35~13:00|景點:濱江果菜市場
  • 13:10~13:35|交通:濱江果菜市場前往賽門甜不辣
  • 13:45~14:15|午餐:賽門甜不辣
  • 14:25~14:35|交通:賽門甜不辣前往龍山寺
  • 14:45~15:30|景點:龍山寺
  • 15:40~15:45|交通:龍山寺前往李錦利食品
  • 15:55~16:15|景點:李錦利食品
  • 16:25~16:30|交通:李錦利食品前往郭家炒牛肉
    華西街夜市在地人推薦: 郭家炒牛肉(炒牛肉必吃)、其他米其林推薦小吃:昶鴻麵店(米其林小吃)、小王煮瓜滷肉飯(米其林小吃)、源芳刈包
  • 16:40~17:40|晚餐:郭家炒牛肉
  • 17:50~18:20|交通:郭家炒牛肉前往飯店
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